Some Kinds of Chocolate To Make a Beverage

Everyone would have known about the health benefits of chocolate. Chocolate is a food prepared from cocoa beans. The word chocolate comes from xocoatl (Aztec's language) which later evolved into the word chocolate word which means bitter drink.  

Let's Know the Types of Chocolate

There is different kind of chocolate for hot chocolate beverages. It helps us also to know the types of chocolate, as follows;

hot chocolate
hot chocolate

Couverture Chocolate

Type is the original chocolate couverture which usually contain fat chocolate, chocolate mass and tend bitter taste and the price is more expensive. couverture chocolate is a type of so-called "real chocolate" by the true chocolate lover. This type of chocolate apart quickly melted in the mouth, also have a sense of "fruity" is somewhat bitter. 

Broadly speaking, the content in the couverture chocolate is cocoa mass and cocoa butter and sugar (for the type of dark chocolate, milk and white while for regular use of milk solids in it to replace cocoa powder) for the bitterness and sweetness depends on the balance between the amount of real chocolate with sugar. Besides it feels good, is good for health but had a weakness in the storage and handling (particularly for pralines and somewhat sensitive to heat).  

Couverture chocolate in addition to requiring special equipment, processing process is also more difficult. This chocolate processing is the way in "tempering" or melted.

Compound Chocolate

     Compound Chocolate composition is almost the same as couverture chocolate but cocoa butter is replaced by other vegetable fats such as coconut oil is cheap or soya. Cocoa butter is also edible but actually including fat butter probably why so-called because it has the same yellow color and are expensive like butter. 

In flavor compound chocolate rather sweet may be because many people think that white chocolate is not chocolate, but the handling is easier. Compound chocolate is more widely used for decoration and sometimes chocolate to make ganache, praline and others. Due to price considerations are much cheaper than couverture.

There are 3 types of compound coholate namely:

  1. Dark chocolate compound: that is colored dark chocolate bars, chocolate flavor is more pronounced and does not contain milk. This type of chocolate used for baking, cake, and various other snacks.
  2. Milk chocolate compound: that is a chocolate bar that is a mixture of brown sugar, cocoa, melted chocolate, milk, and vanilla. This is the best chocolate for your homemade chocolate beverage
  3. White chocolate compound: that is white chocolate bars, chocolate bars contain white, brown and caco containing butter.

Chocolate Powder

Chocolate powder is chocolate that has a strong scent, not rancid, not moldy, and not moldy. There are several types of cocoa powder cocoa powder is dark colored and flavored bitter very useful because have a drying properties of cookie dough.  

This kind of chocolate is the best for your hot chocolate recipes.
Other types namely cocoa powder which has a density medium, or brown powders that are easily found in supermarkets or markets. Cocoa powder or cocoa powder is made from cake / chocolate slag that had separated fat chocolate. This cake is dried and finely ground to form cocoa powder manufacture of flour chocolate. There are 2 ways process:

     1 Through a natural process

Natural cocoa is slightly acidic. Most cocoa powder is sold in the market is a kind of natural cocoa. Natural cocoa powder is made from pureed chocolate or dark chocolate blocks, by removing most of the fat down to 18-23%.  

This type of chocolate in the form of flour, contains less fat, and it tastes bitter. Many who use this type of cocoa powder as an ingredient to make the cake.

     2 Through the process of Dutch

Dutch cocoa is used as a material for making hot chocolate with a softer scent.

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